SlimGlaze Windows

Double Glazed Units for Traditional Sash Windows


SlimGlaze units start at just 11mm overall thickness. The double glazing has a perimeter seal from edge of the glass to the inside of the spacer bar of 7mm (+ or - 1mm). Units can also range from 11mm to 16mm in overall thickness. Large panes up to 1m2 only can be manufactured using 4mm spacer, for panes over 1m2 please increase the cavity to 6m or 8m depending upon the size of the unit required.

Conventional double glazing consists of two glass panes placed up to 20mm apart, with the cavity between the panes filled with either dry air or an inert gas such as argon. This gas reduces heat transfer through the glass due to its lower thermal conductivity. The wider the gap between the panes, the lower the heat transfer. SlimGlaze overcomes this issue by highly effective insulating gas.

Unlike other inferior thin double glazed products on the market, SlimGlaze only uses pure krypton or xenon, not a krypton/argon mix, which is less efficient. They also use a sealant that has been specially designed for double glazing. It produces smaller, more discreet seals and is considered the best on the market.

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SlimGlaze – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where are your products sourced from?

    We have used the same suppliers and manufactures for over 30 years. This means that we have longstanding, positive working relationships with each of them, meaning we can get the best products at the best prices for our customers.


  • What certifications do SlimGlaze have?

    SlimGlaze Products are independently tested twice a year. They have CE Certifications and are BSEN1279 Approved. For further details please see their product brochure.

  • Why is SlimGlaze better than other slim double glazed units?

    Other slim double glazed windows on the market use a krypton/argon mix as their insulating gas. SlimGlaze use only pure krypton or xenon gas. This is much more effective at heat retention than mixed gases.