SlimGlaze Windows

Double Glazed Units for Traditional Sash Windows

Benefits of SlimGlaze

Increased Heat Retention

SlimGlaze double glazed windows allow for up to 77% heat retention. Double glazed windows consist of an insulating gas within two glass panes to prevent heat escaping. Since the SlimGlaze units are designed to fit into the timber frames, this also blocks and seals all gaps and draughts. Traditional single glazed windows only allow for up to 30% heat retention.

Reduce Energy Bills

If less heat is escaping through your windows then it makes sense for you to rely less on your heating system. Your home can be warmer for longer without using a massive amount of energy. Whether you have or oil or gas, investing in SlimGlaze will reduce the amount of energy required to heat your home, and therefore reduce your monthly energy bills.

Noise & Sound Reduction

The insulating gas and two glass panels also act as a sound barrier. If your property is located on a busy street, near a train station, beside a school, etc., then excessive amounts of street noise will be heard throughout your home. Replacing the single glazed windows with SlimGlaze will instantly reduce the level of street noise entering your home.

Minimise Condensation

Single glazed windows will always have massive amounts of condensation. Continual condensation can deteriorate the lower sections of the timber frames as the water drips onto the wood from the glass. SlimGlaze window units slow down the dew point being reached. This results in less condensation, preserving the integrity of the timber frames.

Maintain Building Appearance

Many of the period properties in Dublin are under protective orders. This means that you cannot alter the exterior appearance in any way. With SlimGlaze, we only change the glass panels and leave the traditional timber frames still intact. SlimGlaze is the perfect solution for upgrading your homes windows without changing the look of your period home.

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SlimGlaze – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does SlimGlaze prevent condensation?

    Condensation occurs on single glazed windows when the cold air outside and the warm air inside meet on the glass. This is known as the dew point. By separating the two glass panes, the cold and warm take longer to meet which slows down the dew point and prevents condensation.

  • How will SlimGlaze reduce my energy bills?

    If up to 70% of your home’s warm hair is escaping through the windows then you will ultimately need more energy to keep your home warm. SlimGlaze increases the heat retention abilities of your windows, reducing the amount of energy required to heat your home, therefore reducing your monthly bills.

  • How will SlimGlaze reduce street noise?

    Sound and street noise can easily penetrate single glazed windows and spared throughout your home. With the double glazed windows the sound has further to travel (through the two glass panes and the insulating gas) before it can enter your home, reducing the volume of the noise.